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Looking for someone who knows how to help you identify and quantify sources of economic loss of your plant operations? You’re in the right place.

LCSIM has a combination of expertise and a services unmatched by its competitors. We help global chemical and oil & gas companies design, build and run their plants with confidence, by focusing on the complete picture.

Unlike other companies, we not only factor in equipment reliability, but can include factors such as:

  • non-binary equipment capacities
  • design configurations
  • operating logic
  • supply chain options
  • multiple product flows
  • buffer storaging
  • and even the variations of the weather on plant performance.


The founder of LCSIM, Mark Hodnett, was the original architect and developer of Aspen Fidelis Reliability. He brings an expansive knowledge of reliability, availability, productivity to every project. His company offers more than a service transaction; clients appreciate the value he brings the projects by going above and beyond expectations. With over 25 years of working on maintenance and reliability projects globally, his greatest satisfaction is in cultivating relationships and providing services that bring value to their operations.

At age 12, Mark worked at an auto repair shop and fell in love with repairing, improving and upgrading systems of all sorts. He later joined the Navy working in aviation maintenance. With a degree in mechanical engineering, he has diverse experience in the upstream, midstream and chemicals industries. His passion of bringing out the best in all kinds of systems continues to this day –including his motorcycles.

His favorite pastime is sailing, which has similarities to comprehensive system and reliability modeling. In a storm of any magnitude, there is an absoluteness in directionality. True north never changes. He brings the same clarity to his models, and to all the work he and his team delivers.

We treat your business as our business. We are 100% committed to your success.


We’ve all been there.

Under-utilized assets, quality issues, unplanned shutdowns, hidden bottlenecks. Large expenditures on capital projects that don't deliver the intended results. For large projects –cost overruns, schedule delays, unplanned scope changes, insufficient resources, and the list could go on. We understand.

You need to get this handled.

Now imagine.

Partnering with a company you trust to put out your fires and identifying the top projects in your plant that will bring you a huge ROI at your next turnaround. You know you can hit your productivity targets with this new plant you’re building with 90% confidence. You save your plant millions and you made it happen.

Let’s make this your reality. Right now.

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We are proud to provide value to companies around the world – through a partnership with AspenTech.

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